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The Batchelor Boys make a lovely multi-coloured sight on a sunny October day.

PINTURERO P II ARRIVES – I am delighted to announce the arrival of our latest stallion prospect. Although just a year old he already stands 15.2hh or more, and has fabulous movement. He is a lovely iridescent bay, carrying black and chestnut genes and the very rare PEARL gene.
He is from a different lineage to the stud’s other Pearl carrier, Valoria (see her new photos on Mare page), so they will be bred together as soon as Pinturero is old enough. 


CAMINO XI – Latest news is that he has THREE mares in foal for 2011, MARYSS LINDEZA, MARYSS LUCIA , & VALORIA. We are very pleased with him in every way. See his latest photo on his NEW STALLION PAGE

Last foal for 2010 arrived on 20th August – a BLACK COLT  now named  MARYSS URAEUS – Uraeus is the name of the Egyptian symbol of divinity/royalty.
He is a very friendly and lively fellow and loves to run rings around his mother, Ofelia.

21st JULY – a golden arrival !!

MARYSS URANIA – Buckskin Filly ex Valoria, and sired by Metano III

 Early July                            
         CAMINO’s First  In-Foal mare confirmed – Maryss Lindeza. Fingers crossed for a buckskin next May/June. 
Mid -June
       CAMINO XI has started his career as a breeding stallion and aquitted himself very well in his new job.
         He is both enthusiastic and sensible which is an excellent combination for a young stallion.
         I am looking forward to a lovely bunch of golden buckskin and rich treacle-toffee coloured foals next year.

June 17th – Arrival number 3 – light golden bay colt from Maryss Lucia and Magno VI.
This colt is 100% Cardenas bloodlines and bay as well, how wonderful.
He is named MARYSS UNGIDO, after his famous maternal grandfather, multichampion UNGIDO IV .
  Ungido – Photo at 4 weeks old

June 8th – Arrival number two – just what I had been praying for – a chestnut dun filly from Mitica and Nogal.
Tall, elegant, and feminine, she has been named ULTRAFINA – and she is gorgeous. Photo at a day old.

May 27th – Maryss Quintiliana (lft), Chestnut daughter of Maryss Dilaila,  and Camino XI (rt), 3yr old Smokey Black stallion, passed their Basic Grading
                These two will now join the stud’s breeding programme.

First new arrival of 2010, MARYSS UMBERTO, with his dam Maryss Miranda
 Born 24th May – the morning that I had to set out early to begin the UK PRE Grading.
Needless to say I was a bit late leaving home as I had to check all was well.

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