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2011 Stud News & Photos​

Magno VI has provided the MARYSS Stud with many lovely foals over the past 9 years and the Stud has kept 4 of his daughters. At present we have no more mares to breed to him so rather than waste his fabulous bloodlines he has been sold to The Spanish Stud, Wokingham. He has settled there very well and is back in ridden work and loving it. Now he has a new selection of lovely mares to which he can be bred, ad I am looking forward to seeing his foals at the Spanish Stud in the future.
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VERITE SOLD to become Nadia’s future riding, showing, and competition mare. Many thanks to Fiona Foy for her assistance in this sale, Verite is the perfect choice.


TIGRE SOLD to Tralissa PRE Stud in Wales – for breeding, showing and riding. September 2011.
Delighted that you chose Tigre for your second Stud Stallion – I look forward to seeing him mature in your care and to visiting you to see his foals in the years to come.


RADIANTE SOLD  to the perfect home in Devon. August 2011
Congratulations and Thankyou Nichola. I know that you and Radiante will have a wonderful future together.


SAMURAI – this very handsome 3yr old Gelding has now begun training in preparation for riding. FOR SALE.


PINTURERO P II (Harry) and TARRAGON playing. Tarragon may be smaller but he is the BOSS !

8th JULY – Last Foal has arrived –

MARYSS VAQUERO –  a huge black colt, grandson of the well known dressage stallion Donado.

His parents are Insurgente Cen and Maryss Regalia. This colt should grow to about 16.2 and is a great dressage prospect.

LUCIA’S FILLY NOW NAMED VICTORIA – it seems to suit her as she is very regal !


MARYSS VIRGINIA, Grullo Filly by Maryss Nogal ex Maryss Quintiliana, & MARYSS VALIENTE, Grullo Colt by Insurgente Cen ex Maryss Roxana
Newborn photos. Both doing well.


MARYSS V…..  BUCKSKIN FILLY Born 30th June. By Camino XI  ex Maryss Lucia.
A very specially welcome filly as it is Lucia’s first daughter. I was beginning to think she would never have a girl. I am now trying to think of the right ‘V’ name for her.


Newborn photos

MARYSS VERITE, born 14th June. By Maryss Nogal ex Maryss Pandora, shown here at 1 day old

MARYSS VISCONTE born 21st May with Miranda, and MARYSS VIRGILIO born 24th May with Lindeza



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LUCIA and MIRANDA in Spring sunshine

– Pinturero P has just discovered how to climb the hill in his paddock and now he can survey all the mares from one place.
He is very pleased with himself !

A beautiful misty sunrise just after 8am over the frozen fields of the studfarm. I didn’t get my camera out fast enough to catch the moon setting on the 20th but the next day I was prepared and the second photo shows the huge full moon setting over the northwest hedgerow of the farm. Something I have never seen like this before.


Below – Some Winter Woolly photos !! L to R- Uraeus fascinated by the camera, the two hot gingers -Ungido & Ultrafina (behind), golden Urania with mum, Valoria, behind.


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