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2012 Stud News & Photos​

THIRD FOAL arrived whilst I was away doing the National PRE Grading. Thankyou to Alex for taking care of everything so well. This is the second Valoria foal that she has supervised into this world.

A Bay Colt Born 23rd May by Brindis MG ex Valoria – MARYSS WIZARD – named for his energetic running around and his pronounced ‘beard’ !!

SECOND FOAL Arrives 4 Weeks Late – he is HUGE !! Another BUCKSKIN COLT.

MARYSS WARLOCK born 13th May by Camino XI ex Maryss Ofelia

Warlock newborn


MARYSS WACHIMAN – born 1st May by Camino XI ex Festera-Cen

Wachiman at 8hours old


Apologies for the muddy photos of Vaquero !
I am so delighted that our fabulous 2011 black colt Maryss Vaquero will become the foundation stallion for a Kent studfarm specialising in Blacks. Vaquero is beautifully put together and has spectacular movement, a great personality and lots of presence. Congratulations to his new owners

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