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2014 Stud News & Photos

2014 – December
Pinturero P II at SICAB in Sevilla. Very exciting !

Great time at SICAB, with Emma and James (Esperanza Dressage) producing Harry to an impressively high standard. James was, without doubt, one of the very best handlers to be seen at the show the whole week – he has such a good rapport with the horses who are beautifully trained, and he has a great turn of speed too during the trot-up!
Although Harry’s results weren’t quite as good as we had secretly hoped (I had hoped we would get about midway in the class), he did beat 6 Spanish owned and produced horses and came 40/46 – the best result so far for any UK owned horse.

The rest of the foals have been born (see below) but I thought I would keep this announcement of Pinturero’s successes at the TOP for a while !!!

2014-07 25th to 27th BAPSH Ltd NATIONAL SHOW

MARYSS PRE STUD’s young bay stallion PINTURERO P II, better known as ‘Harry’, has had a fabulous weekend at the 2014 BAPSH Ltd National Show. On Friday he went equal 1st in his very first dressage test – Copa class 4-6yr olds, then 2nd overall by just 0.1marks behind 1st place in the Section 10 ANCCE class and with the Top Functionality test score for his class. Then on Saturday he was declared Reserve National Stallion CHAMPION for 2014 ANCCE affiliated classes – totally fabulous, and I thought nothing else could top this. But today Harry has just won the overall National Ridden CHAMPIONSHIP for PREs under highly esteemed judge Mercedes Gonzales Cort. Unbelievably wonderful. So happy and excited !!.  Many many thanks to Harry’s trainers and producers, Emma Thomas and James Smith of Esperanza Dressage, who developed Harry with care and attention over the past 9 months, and brought him to the show looking immaculate, and presented him in every class to perfection. Their expert care and handling brought this 17.0hh, 5year old stallion to the top, beating many other excellent PREs over the 3 days, to achieve his two Champion titles at this year’s show. It is many years since one of my horses went to the National show due to my other commitments so it means a huge amount to me to come back to compete at the show and have such amazing success. More photos to follow ASAP.

Above: Harry being assessed by Sn Manuel Serna-Borja Lopez during Section 10 judging.

Above:- Pinturero P II (Harry) ridden by James Smith with all his National Ridden Overall Champion awards. Judge, Mercedes Gonzalez to the left and Linda Linane, Championship Sponsor, to the right.

2014 – October and November

Maryss Trojan (5yrs old)has gone to a new home in North Somerset where he will have a very interesting life doing a variety of ridden activities.
Left:- Maryss Winona (2yrs old) has travelled further north to the Chester area to become, in due course, the second foundation brood mare for the Capearlla PRE Stud.

Maryss Xcelsia (1 yr old) has gone the farthest, all the way to Scotland to join Maryss Wachiman. I am looking forward to seeing Xcelsia and Wachiman growing up to become the riding horses of Lauri Riach and her daughter Shannon. Its great to see these lovely ladies so happy with their youngsters from the Maryss Stud.
Left; Xcelsia’s lovely head.                Right; Xcelsia settling in to her new home – the grass is obviously good !

2014-07-31 SIXTH foal is born. Bay colt – MARYSS YAGUAR, dam is Jacaranda CA, and sire is our CHAMPION Pinturero P II     – BOTH COLTS ARE FOR SALE

Yaguar is a complete twin to his 3/4 brother Yeoman !

2014-07-29 FIFTH foal is born. HUGE Bay Filly – MARYSS YLUMINARIA, dam is Maryss Lucia and sire is our CHAMPION Pinturero P II

2014-07-26 FOURTH foal is born. Bay colt – MARYSS YEOMAN, dam is Jandala CA, and sire is Pinturero P II                  –  MORE PHOTOS ON 2014 FOALS page
The Yeo is a well known local Somerset river so this colt is named after the river and its valley (also famous for a certain brand of very nice yoghurt). Jandala is an excellent first time mother and taking great care of him. Yeoman has a strong resemblance to his father.

2014-07-23 THIRD foal arrived 10 days early as well !! A very pretty Bay filly now named MARYSS YULIA. Dam is Maryss Lindeza, and sire is Pinturero P II

  Yulia pictured at 1 day old

SECOND NEW ARRIVAL 10 days early – HUGE Bay Dun Filly born 17th July – MARYSS YLIANA.  Dam is Valoria and sire is Pinturero P II

Thalia is now at Hudds Farm, Bradford on Avon, and is proving a brilliant pupil. She is happily walking and trotting with a rider on board and loving every minute of her education. Thalia is a very calm and outward going mare who loves to take part in all activities. She will make a great Trec horse, or Endurance, or perhaps a young person’s Eventer. For Sale.

Thalia showing her good leg flexion at the trot. Below Thalia is clearly enjoying the whole process of being ridden.


2014-07-09 WINONA is growing up and looking like an elegant young lady at 2yrs old
This very pretty Grulla filly is  For Sale


Animal Genetics Test confirms that Yolanda does not have the Cream or Red genes so she will produce 100% blacks to black stallions. YOLANDA is FOR SALE with her mother, Festera.
very pretty black or smokey-black filly born today July 6th – MARYSS YOLANDA. Dam is Festera-Cen and sire is Camino XI

Please have a look at our updated sales pages (28/06/14). We have 5 fillies, 3 mares, 3 geldings, and a Bay Colt with the RARE Pearl gene  for sale this Spring.

Maryss Ultrafina with me, after the movement section of her Basic Grading evaluation 27/05/14

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