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Foundation Horses

These are a selection of PRE Stallions and Mares (On the Next Page) that feature in the pedigrees of horses at the MARYSS PRE Stud. Some are direct parents of  the stud’s horses, whereas others occur further back in the pedigrees. All of them are very special horses and well deserve to be remembered on this page.

THE FOUNDATION MARE OF THE STUD   –  ANISADA   1983 – 2001     Black, 15.2hh.
National Champion Mare in 1987

Sire: Nemeo      Dam: Divina III
Bought on a special filly buying visit to Albacete Horse Show in 1984, thanks to the assistance of Linda Rodriguez. At this time the UK had only got 2 PRE mares and 1 PRE filly in the whole country, and the arrival of Anisada and 3 other fillies more than doubled the female population, and really kicked off the future of PRE breeding in this country.

Winning National Champion Mare in the UK                                                      Champion Mare in Texas USA, 1992

Dam of  3 fillies
1989 Maryss AMALIA           – black. APTO         (National Champion Mare 1995)
1993 Maryss DILAILA            – chocolate/grulla. APTO     (Supreme National Champion 1997)
1994 Maryss ELVIRA              – chestnut. Sold as a foal.    (Now At SOMMER RANCH, USA) 

Dam of 7 colts
1990 Maryss BRUJO                   – bay .  APTO . Sold for Dressage & Breeding   (Sire stallion in USA, UK, and in S.Africa)
1991 Maryss CAZADOR           – grey (chestnut). APTO. Sold for Breeding         (Sire stallion in USA)
1996 Maryss GALAN                 – grey (black) gelding. Sold for Riding
1997 Maryss HURACAN           – black gelding. Sold for Riding
1999 Maryss JAZZ (Spain)        – grey (black). Sold for Riding
2000 Maryss KION                      – dark bay (APTO) gelding. sold for Riding
2002 Maryss MAESTRO            – black (dilute) gelding. Sold for Riding

/Documents/Anisada Pedigree.pdf

A wonderful stallion, cheerfully coping with the repercussions of a severe injury caused by a very bad fall some years before he arrived at Maryss Stud.
He is the sire of 5 PRE  in the UK, in particular the mares, MARYSS LINDEZA, IBIS IV, and CENICIENTA XXII. Whilst he was in Spain he had a busy stud career siring Doma Vaquera horses ex Thoroughbred mares for Alvaro Domequ, and also some high quality PREs including the twice Regional Spanish Champion CARBONERO VIII.

ARGENTINO VII is also half-brother to the extremely beautiful and nearly perfect  PRE stallion, Spanish National Champion NERO II

Sire: Dam:
Castanuelo was the sire of one of the earliest imported mares into the UK, Coqueta VII 1980, and he was also the sire of the stallion GHANDI who was a prominent sire in the early days of PRE in the UK. Both these imports were bred by De La Villa stud, near Albacete, Spain.

Codicioso is a son of the very famous twice National Champion of Spain, Gastador VIII, and he was chosen to be the foundation stallion for Yeguada Centurion, near Segovia.  My beautiful young mare, MARYSS OCTAVIA, is sired by Codicioso, and now I also have his spectacular grandson in the form of  MARYSS RADIANTE  whose sire Damasco VII is by Codicioso-Mac.

In the future I plan to combine Codicioso’s descendants with those of my Gastador VIII granddaughter, MARYSS LUCIA.


Delegado is a very impressive jet black stallion standing a full 17.0hh. I have stood next to him and can vouch for the fact that he is enormous !  He is a grandson of LEVITON through his father and his maternal grandmother is JARANERA XII who is the also the dam of my wonderful Cardenas mare, GACELA-MAC.

The MARYSS PRE Stud is now the owner of a bay Delegado daughter, FESTERA-CEN, and a black grandson, INSURGENTE-CEN.

MARYSS DILAILA    10/04/93 – November 2010, Chocolate Dun (Grulla), “aa Ee cc pp”  15.1hh
Supreme National Champion 1997.  Reserve National Champion Mare 1996
Sire: Ofendido VII     Dam: Anisada

Dam of  1 filly
2006 Maryss QUINTILIANA     – grey (chestnut/Red Dun) APTO in 2010.  DNA tested as “Aa ee ”       (retained as a Broodmare)

Dam of  4 colts
1997 Maryss HERALDO       – dark bay APTO   DNA tested as ” Aa EE ”       (Sold to be the Foundation stallion for Yeguada ESTRELLA DEL MAR, and now the founding stallion of a French studfarm)
2003 Maryss NOGAL             – dark chocolate, Grulla   APTO
DNA tested as ” aa  Ee  crcr ” (Sold to be the Foundation stallion for ROBLE STUD)
2005 Maryss PALADIN          – grey (chocolate dun)  APTO IN 2008    ( Now a  gelding and part of a successfull display Quadrille) 2009 Maryss TARRAGON  –  GRULLO – possibly the palest one yet

/Documents/Maryss Dilaila.pdf

GACELA-MAC    10/12/1996 – September 2009. Grey “AA EE GG”     15.2hh
Sire: Mastil     Dam: Jaranera XII

Dam of 1 Filly
2005   Maryss PANDORA   –   grey (bay). APTO.  100% Cardenas breeding. Retained for the stud.

Dam of 4 Colts
2003   Maryss NEXUS           –   grey (bay). APTO. Reserve National Junior Champion, 2004 Nat Breed CH Show (Sold 2006 to Mrs Jani Barnard, Derbys for Competition Dressage.)
2004   Maryss ORADOR        –   grey (bay), gelding.    (Sold as a riding horse to Mrs Margaret Reader, Cornwall.)
2007   Maryss RADIANTE    –   grey (bay) . FOR SALE
2008   Maryss SALVADOR  –    grey  (bay), gelding (Sold as a riding horse


Standing, 16.2hh, Ghandi was born a bright red bay, but by the time he was imported into the UK he had lost all his red pigmentation, and for many years he remained the spectacular colouring seen below, his a silver mane and tail contrasting dramatically with his iron grey body. Sire of MARYSS BRUJO, and through him the grandsire of UK National Champions, MARYSS ENCANTADO and MARYSS GLORIA, and greatgrandsire of Junior National Champion, LIRICA VIII

This great character was born in 1981 and is still going strong as he approaches his 27th Birthday. He stands 16.0hh amd has a big powerful and expressive movement. He had a career as a Bull-fighting horse whilst living in Spain, then he moved to the UK and became one of Tony Smart’s very successfull team of stunt horses. Jardinero X starred in the film ‘Braveheart’ as Mel Gibson’s horse. In 1997 he was sold to a private studfarm in Derbyshire, and then a couple of years later he moved to the gentler climate of a studfarm near Bath where he still resides happily amongst his mares.

He is the sire of around 63 foals (twothirds of which are in the UK) and amongst these are Supreme National Champion 2001 & National Mare CH 2003, MARYSS JAVA,  and National Youngstock Champion 2006,  LIRICA VIII.
MARYSS PRE Stud has also used Jardinero to produce the extremely handsome stallion, MARYSS NOGAL, and Java’s full sister, MARYSS MIRANDA. I like his products so much that I may just ask to use his services again soon.

All four photographs are taken during 1997 when Jardinero X was 16 years old

Sire:AGENTE,    d. USADA 1956
Born in 1970.   He was the sire of 172 foals born between the years of  1975 to 1997. Possibly the most famous of which is the living legend of the Spanish International Dressage team,  valiant and highly successful competitor at two Olympic Games, EVENTO.  However, Leviton sired many other very high quality horses in his long stud career, and is considered to have been extremely important in the efforts to increase stride extension without loosing elevation and flexion. Even those breeders who intensely dislike the bloodlines of Agente and his sire Maluso, will acknowledge that this was a very important and special stallion for the PRE breed.

Leviton is MAGNO VI’s grandfather, and MARYSS NEXUS greatgrandfather.

JENSON,   d. OFENDIDA VI  ( s. Temerario III ,  d.  Zalamera IV)

These two full brothers have played a key role in the pedigrees of many famous PREs, and still feature close-up in current top winning horses. POSEIDO IV is the maternal grandsire of my senior stallion Magno VI.

Another Cardenas bred National Champion of Spain and a half-brother to both UNGIDO IV and to VANDALO.  This is my senior stallion MAGNO VI’s father.

Photographs taken by myself  in 1992 when I was buying his son Magno VI. Ranchero III was 17 years old at the time.

This beautiful stallion arrived in the UK at a time when there were very few Spanish Purebreds over here. My foundation brood mare, ANISADA, and Trianero III were made Champion Mare and Champion Stallion at the 1987 National Breed Show, and they looked so well matched that Anisada was bred to him the following spring. This union resulted in a very special filly – MARYSS AMALIA –  who has become the keystone of my studfarm. She has not only been made National Champion Mare herself, but is the mother of two Supreme National Champions Inhand, and a National Ridden Champion.
It is very sad to say that Amalia was the only Purebred foal that Trianero sired, I feel that the breed missed out in not having more products sired by him, and he died relatively young. However his mother, Trianera VIII 1978,  lived a very long and healthy life, and at the age of 28 she was still being ridden in the local spanish ferias by the youngest children of her breeder.

All Four photos taken at the BAPSH National Championship show in 1987 when he was National Champion Stallion

GASTADOR VIII (Twice National Champion of Spain),   d. LOBATA II
Ungido IV was National Champion of Spain and Twice Regional Champion of Andalucia during his illustrious show career. He is half-brother to another National Champion of Spain RANCHERO III, via his mother Lobata II, and as if this was not sufficient, he is ALSO half-brother to National Champion of Spain, CLASICO-MAC, via his sire Gastador VIII.

Ungido IV was bought by a syndicate of Studfarms in the Balearic Islands of Spain and was the father of over 120 foals before he died.  I am very happy to have his daughter,  MARYSS LUCIA in my studfarm.

RANCHERO III  (National Champion of Spain),  d. LANCERA V 1979
Standing 16.2hh, this stallion is Ranchero III’s eldest product, and so he is a half-brother to MARYSS Stud’s senior stallion MAGNO VI.  Vandalo was a regular competitor at Grand Prix level in Spain before he was sold to a private owner in the USA.   He is included in this page because he is the father of MARYSS NEXUS.

This Romero-Benitez bred stallion was the most exciting horse I had ever seen when I visited the Albacete Show in May 1984. At that time he was already 19 years old and could out move all the younger stallions in the competition. He came third in a very strong class of more than 20 stallions. His flying trot was truly amazing, particularly when you bear in mind that it was performed upon a cobbled road !!!  Two years earlier, he had been overall Champion at the Albacete Show, at the age of 17 years when most horses are long ago retired.
The memory of this wonderful horse stayed with me and was the stimulus for my decision to use his nephew, OFENDIDO VII, when the stud resided in North America for 4yrs.  It was a good decision  as it produced my Supreme National Champion MARYSS DILAILA  and the lovely mare MARYSS FELICIA (foundation of RANCAR STUD)

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